Road to RHCSA

Hugo Rodrigues

This isn't the first time I thought about getting some kind of certification, but this time is for real, I'm becoming a certified sysadmin, the question is in what. On the table were three possible certifications, LFCS, AWS SysOps and RHCSA. Each one have their pros and cons.

On the table

Linux Foundation

Certified System Administrator

  • Vendor-Neutral
  • Organization that hosts Linux development

Red Hat

Certified System Administrator

  • Targets Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Major contributor for a lot of Linux related tools
  • Preferred system for many companies

Amazon Web Services

SysOps Administrator

  • Targets AWS based systems
  • Preferred cloud service for many companies
  • Cheapest certification

Choosing one of them wasn't easy. Lets start with the Linux Foundation. It's in the name, the organization that takes care of Linux, but a drawback was the generic approach on system. Yes it's great the know how to manage a Linux cloud independently of the distribution that's being used, but if your goal is to make part of a big, kickass company, you probably will be working with a single environment, so I moved on to the options that targeted a specific tool, and that's when the struggle began.

On the left corner, the company that made it possible, using Linux and Open Source software on the enterprise world. On the right corner, the one that reinvented the cloud services. Any company that requires a (ultra) stable environment will probably use Red Hat, or at least a Red Hat based distro, like CentOS. But if anyone want's a scalable, fully integrated, cloud ready infrastructure, Amazon Web Services is the way to go.

Choosing one over the other wasn't easy, both of them have a great value on the market and are a big must to have, but in the end of the day I needed to choose and the winner was Red Hat. Why you may ask, well probably because I always had a big empathy with Red Hat, due to their Open Source mindset.

Best Regards,

Hugo Rodrigues