Hello World

Hugo Rodrigues

Hello World

I'm Hugo Rodrigues and this is my blog

Finally, my blog is online. Here I'm going to share my passion about technology.

The biggest topics will be about Odoo, an open-source business app suite, and Linux administration, but it will be another topics, I hope.

My passion with Linux started around 2009, when my first laptop arrived. It's odd but it's true, my first laptop came with Linux Caixa Mágica, a Portuguese distribuition based on Ubuntu.

But at the time, I was dependent on Windows (gamming on Linux was a dream) so I installed the Microsoft OS but always with the felling of exploring Linux.

I started with Ubuntu 9.10 on a virtual machine and after a couple of weeks I jumped to a dualboot system. The time was passing by and I started to use more Linux than Windows, until I finished by professional course (High School). With that done, I was no longer working with .Net (and games on Linux was a real thing), so Windows wasn't needed anymore.

During this journey, I explored a lot of Linux distros, from Debian to Fedora, passing by OpenSUSE and Mangeia, but I finally calm down on Arch Linux. On Arch I was felling like localhost, I was in controll of my system, until a few weaks ago. I got bored and what did I do, I replaced Arch by Alpine on my laptop, just to try new stuff.

I work with Odoo since I joined ThinkOpen Solutions in 2016. I stared as a developer, building solutions for our clients. I worked with almost all base modules (Accouning, MRP, Warehouse, Events, etc) and even created some connectors to other plataforms.

After almost a year, I was invited to be the system adminitrator for our Cloud service, since the previous one was leaving the company, and so I did. After a few monhts, I got promoted to Cloud Manager. In a year and a half, I was jumped from "the new guy" to manager of the Cloud Services.

During this time, I learned a lot about Odoo and started to like it. Today, I use it for everything, from my website (and now blog) to manage by projects.

If by future is with Odoo, my dream is to work for Odoo SA, right in Belgium.

I hope you enjoy this blog as mutch I enjoy Linux and Odoo.

Best Regards,
Hugo Rodrigues